Grand Sierra Pointe: A Beautiful Ceremony Site in Foresthill

By | July 28, 2014

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here before family and friends to celebrate with this man and this woman as they are joined today in marriage.

As you sit here in this peaceful place, please take a moment to notice the stillness that surrounds us, the majestic trees towering overhead and the solid earth that grounds and supports us. Foresthill's Grand Sierra Pointe  - May 2014 Read more »

Happy Anniversary to Me: Fourteen Years as a Sacramento Wedding Officiant!

By | June 24, 2014

Happy Anniversary to Me - Rev. Jeri Murphy

June 24th is a very special day for me.

It was on this date 14 years ago – June 24, 2000 – that I nervously performed my very first wedding ceremony.

(I wrote about that first ceremony, and Tim and Tracy’s continuing love story, here.)

The joy I felt on that day helped me to realize that being a Wedding Officiant was my calling.

In the years between that first wedding and yesterday’s intimate commitment ceremony, I have performed 676 weddings, commitment ceremonies or renewal of vows. Read more »

An Unplugged Wedding

By | June 19, 2014

The guests are seated.
The bridesmaids and groomsmen are standing in line.
The ring bearer shyly comes forward clutching a white satin pillow.
The flower girl carefully scatters fragrant rose petals along the aisle.

The groom nervously, eagerly watches for the first glimpse of his soon-to-be-wife.

The music changes to the Bridal March. DUH duh duh-duh. Duh DUH duh-duh …

The bride’s mother stands up, and all the guests rise.

The photographer positions herself, ready to get those once-in-a-lifetime photos of a proud father escorting his beautiful daughter to her groom.

And then … a guest takes a little step into the aisle and aims her hot pink tablet at the bride and her father. Read more »

Mazel Tov, Zac and Gina!

By | April 19, 2014

Mazel Tov, Zac and Gina!Zac and Gina are married!

On a picture-perfect Friday afternoon, at the Grand Sierra Pointe in Foresthill, Zac and Gina stood under a Chuppah, recited their personal vows (which were also printed on their Ketubah), and exchanged wedding rings before many of their dearest friends and family members – who shouted “Mazel Tov” in joy and congratulations as Zac broke the glass and kissed his bride!

Mazel Tov, Zac and Gina!

Gina and Zac attended to every little detail, from the specially-drawn artwork on their ceremony program, to the invitation that their guests “take a deep breath, and relax. Notice the stillness that surrounds us, the majestic trees towering overhead and the solid earth that grounds and supports us … allow yourself to be fully present as we prepare to witness the ceremony that will start Zac and Gina on their journey together as husband and wife.” Read more »

Love Never Fails

By | April 17, 2014

The love story of Jason and Jennifer began eight years ago when they met through a mutual friend. It was love at first sight for both of them.  Jason says he fell for her really fast, and Jennifer says she knew immediately that Jason was the man she would marry!

Over the next few years their love grew and deepened as they reached many milestones together, including adding Jaiden, Mason and Brooklyn to their family.

Jason and Jennifer are best friends and soul mates, and they believe that “if you put in the effort, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.”

As a special part of their wedding ceremony, Jason asked his mother to give a reading based on 1st Corinthians 13:4-8. Her words are beautiful and timeless. Read more »

Happy Anniversary – And Congratulations, Dr. Michie!

By | April 11, 2014

Wedding of Heather Michie and Billy Hofman April 5, 2013

Wedding of Heather Michie and Billy Hofman
April 5, 2013

Who knew that Los Angeles College of Chiropractic would be the place to find true love?!

Heather and Billy met in September of 2009 during orientation for the first term of chiropractic school. At first they were so busy with their studies that they didn’t really notice each other in “that” way.

Eventually, though, they were able to have a bit of a social life, and after a school event at Knott’s Berry Farm they began texting and talking, and getting to know each other. Their relationship grew slowly, but over time they realized they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

So after securing her father’s blessing, and planning a very special New Year’s Eve surprise, Billy asked Heather to become his wife and his partner for life. She said “Yes!” and on April 5, 2013, before their dearest friends and family members, they were married in the Villa Courtyard at Arden Hills Resort and Spa.

As their first anniversary neared, I contacted Heather to confirm their mailing address so I could send their special anniversary card.

I knew that Heather had grown up in Northern California, while Billy was a SoCal guy, and that they would eventually need to make a tough post-graduation decision about where to settle down, open their chiropractic practices, and eventually raise a family.

Heather responded to my email, telling me that she had been given the opportunity to build a practice – Michie Chiropractic – in the Rocklin / Roseville California area, and she and Billy had moved to Placer County.

Congratulations, Heather and Billy! I hope your dreams continue to come true, personally and professionally.

And Happy Anniversary! May you enjoy many, many more!
~Rev. Jeri

Twenty Years and Counting

By | February 13, 2014

“The love story of Terrance and La Shunna began about 25 years ago, when she was only 15 years old, and he was much older – 21!

“Because she wasn’t allowed to date until she turned 18, her mother was quite emphatic about squelching any relationship between them.

“But Terrance was patient and persistent; he knew La Shunna was the woman of his dreams. And because her grandmother liked him and would allow him to come sit on her porch, Terrance and La Shunna spent three years talking and getting to know each other before they ever went on a date.”

Rev. Jeri Murphy - Twenty Years and CountingToday Terrance and La Shunna celebrate twenty years of marriage.

In honor of their love and commitment to each other, they renewed their vows in a ceremony held at Arden Hills Resort and Spa in Sacramento.

In the presence of their three children, many family members, and numerous dear friends Terrance and La Shunna read vows, exchanged rings, and promised to continue to be each other’s best friend and greatest inspiration.

Congratulations, Terrance and La Shunna! May you continue to “love like you mean it,” and may you celebrate many, many more years as husband and wife!

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Tree Planting Ceremony With a Twist!

By | January 6, 2014

Planting a tree to celebrate a marriage is an ancient tradition shared by numerous cultures around the world. With its strong roots, continual growth and long lifespan, the wedding tree is a living testament to the love two people share.

A Tree for Jason and Allison

Jason and Allison are an adventurous couple with a great love of the outdoors, so the Grand Sierra Pointe in Foresthill, with a reception at the Forest House Lodge, was the perfect location for their December 2013 wedding.

As a way to acknowledge their love of nature, as well as honoring their family roots, they decided to include a unique unity ritual during their ceremony: A tree planting ceremony – with a twist. Rev. Jeri Murphy Wedding Officiant - Tree Planting Ceremony With a Twist

Read more »

First Look and Officially Married

By | January 2, 2014

RevJeriMurphy - First Look and Officially MarriedA “first look” photo session, coupled with a brief and secret “official” ceremony?

What a unique idea! Read more »

Now That You Have a New Married Name

By | December 21, 2013

Now That You Have a New Married Name

More than one newlywed bride* has asked me, “Now that I’m married, how do I change my name on my driver’s license / passport / other important accounts?”

While I cannot give legal advice (I am not an attorney), I can tell you some of the steps to take once a California Marriage License has been filed. Read more »