Allison and Scott Got Hitched!

Allison and Scott are high school sweethearts who met more than a decade ago. She liked his confidence and charisma, and the fact that he frequently made her laugh! He was attracted to her beauty, innocence and responsiveness to his sense of humor!

Over the years, through hard work and a strong commitment to each other, their relationship evolved and their love matured and deepened even as they maintained their unique identities.

So after securing the blessing of Allison’s father, and while enjoying a walk along the Sacramento River, Scott asked Allison to become his wife and his partner for life. And of course she said “Yes!”

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Rising in Love

Valentine's Day 2015, Love, David Roth

For all the lovers …


Everyone looks for their calling in Love
But I always find it surprising
The way people say that they’re falling in Love,
When I always felt I was rising

Floating right off of the ground
and reaching something that I only have dreamed of
I’m not falling at all,
I am rising in Love

Everyone talks about tying the knot
But I have a hard time agreeing
With the way that we bind up the Love that we’ve got
When the feeling of Love should be freeing

Lifting each other up
Instead of giving one another a shove
We won’t be falling at all
We’ll be rising in Love

How do you let Love grow?
You’ve got to give it a chance when you’ve found it
A bird in your hand will stay
Until you start to close your fingers around it

Love is the river whose waters we test
And a measure of where we are going
But you never can step in the same river twice
For the water is constantly flowing

But the deeper the river, the greater the trust
And the more that we’re rising above
We won’t be falling at all,
We’ll be rising in Love.

(by David Roth)

Choosing an Officiant for your Wedding

officiant, wedding ceremony, professional

Photo by Allison Lal

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! This is undoubtedly an exciting time for you and your beloved as you plan the special event that marks the beginning of your life together as a married couple.

At the heart of your wedding celebration is the ceremony that unites the two of you before your family and friends. The vows of love and commitment that you exchange on this day set the stage for your happy and successful marriage. Your wedding ceremony should be special, unique, and perfect for you.

The most important consideration, when choosing a wedding officiant, is finding someone with whom you feel comfortable and who feels honored and delighted to be sharing your special day with you.

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Jillian and Jeff’s Beautiful Scribner Bend Wedding

Real Weddings Magazine, blog, wedding ceremony, May 2014 Last May I had the joy of performing the wedding ceremony for soul mates Jeff and Jillian. Their love story was an inspiration to me, and I loved all the details of their celebration.

Real Weddings Magazine has featured this beautiful wedding in their Winter 2015 issue, and today Jeff and Jillian’s story appears on the Real Weddings blog! Check it out!

Confidential Marriage License – Updated Rules

Sometimes a new rule simplifies life! Confidential marriage license, updated rules, wedding

Prior to January 1, 2015 if a couple purchased a Confidential Marriage License in California, they were advised that it must be used in the county where it was purchased. A Public Marriage License, on the other hand, could be purchased in any county in California and then used in the same or a different county within the State.

However per the California Department of Public Health’s website regarding Types of Marriage Licenses – and confirmed by a phone call to the Sacramento County Clerk’s office – the rules have changed. Continue reading

That’s an Interesting Question

Cable car silliness - SF February 2012 Like many of the couples I have worked with over the years, I met my sweetheart through an online dating site. In preparing my own profile, I answered many questions in an attempt to weed out potential partners who were “not a good fit” – questions like “How would you spend your ideal date?” or “What is your spiritual practice, if any?” or “Are you interested in having children someday?”

A few months ago I came across the book “Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon. While it’s a great book about creativity and business, there was one section that was not only thought-provoking but also seemed to pertain to relationships. Continue reading

Love and Holiday Greetings!

One of the greatest blessings of my calling as a wedding officiant is having the opportunity to stay in touch with the many wonderful couples I marry.

And some of the sweetest gifts of the holiday season are the cards I receive, mostly with photos, showing me the growth of their families and the continued strength of their love. Staying in touch over the years

To all of “my” couples – whether or not you send cards! – Thank You, from the bottom of my heart, for staying in touch by mail and social media. While I don’t send cards, I DO send love to each of you!

May 2015 be filled with laughter, joy, and many blessings!

Rev. Jeri

Sound Advice – Make Sure Your Guests Can Hear Your Ceremony

Professional DJ's microphone A few months ago, after having trouble with a microphone at the beginning of a wedding ceremony which, unfortunately, meant that the 100-plus guests did not hear what was said, I asked my wedding colleagues for some advice. Their excellent suggestions follow. Continue reading

It is Good to Have a Wedding Ceremony Plan B

Wedding Ceremony Plan B Cinthia likes to have structure and a back-up plan; Steve has an “it will all work out” attitude. Both were necessary when their wedding ceremony, originally planned for a beautiful resort in Cabo San Lucas, had to be relocated due to Hurricane Odile.

Plan B was the beautiful Hyatt Regency in downtown Sacramento, and in spite of a forecast of rain the sky turned blue and sunny just in time for their 4:00 p.m. wedding ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony Plan B

Hyatt Regency Sacramento – Upper Pool Deck

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